To Make & Mature Disciples who Follow, Feed & Free.

Follow the Lord

Our first commitment is to Follow the Lord. Following Him starts in two places: at His feet and in His word. Therefore, our first priority is gathering in the presence of our Savior to seek to love and learn of Him. Our time in Worship and in the Word will be the foundation on which our lives are built.

Feed the Sheep

Next to the Lord, the Body of Christ is our greatest ministry. Feeding the Sheep means caring for and equipping other believers in obedience to Christ's command to "make disciples".

Free the World

The Lord has left His people with a clear task. The world needs a Church that has the keys to Free the soul. Therefore, sharing the Good News with a world in need is both the believer's responsibility and honor.

Everything we do as a church will in some way, and to some degree, seek to foster these 3 actions in the life of the members.