The elders serve as the “spiritual overseers” of the body. The biblical elder has the responsibility for the spiritual and moral care of the flock of God whom he shepherds. When biblical elders are established, the body functions in victory and freedom. Church order is maintained because a centralized authority is established and recognized by the body resulting in the following:

  • Unified vision
  • Accountable leadership
  • Shared responsibility for the equipping of the saints as member-ministers
  • Restorative church discipline

Elders are called, appointed of God because of their spiritual qualifications and are servants who consistently seek direction for the body from the Lord through prayer and diligent study of the Bible while maintaining the highest standards of integrity and maturity before God and man. The elders are to complement the Lead Pastor as they carry out their responsibilities.

The current Corner-Stone Elders are:


 Radley King


 Andy Crawford

Crawford 8 original small

 Brian Williamson