Sunday Morning Schedule

Sunday mornings at Corner-Stone start around 9:15AM with Life Groups and are followed by a time we have set aside to prepare for corporate worship and teaching. We call this time "Worship in Prayer". Our Sunday morning schedule may be easier to understand through the icons below:

You will see information in our welcome area and Information Room with these icons as well. Each of these times is meant to give you opportunity to be further equipped, so use them as you will. There is no pressure.

In addition to our Sunday morning Life Group, we also have multiple mid-week Life Group options. We'd love for you to take advantage of these opportunities! It is nearly impossible for each of us to get involved in each other's lives in the brief time that we have together in a Sunday morning worship service. Life Groups are where real life happens - come connect and grow on a deeper level with our church family.

Take a look around the site for more information on all of our ministries and upcoming events.