About Corner-Stone Church


In the fall of 1998 our lead pastor Darrel Rewis moved to Fort Worth, TX to attend seminary with his wife Kimberly. It was there that they met our original worship pastor Preston Philpott and his wife Robin. Darrel graduated in the fall of 2000 and took a position at a church in northeast Atlanta. After 4 years on staff Darrel felt the Lord’s prompting to plant a new church. He and his wife Kimberly subsequently moved back to Texas to attend a church planting program as well as a biblical discipleship program.

After a year of study and finishing both programs Darrel and Kimberly moved back to the northeast Atlanta area to start Corner-Stone Baptist Church in 2005. They initially began a Bible study in their Jefferson home and then shortly thereafter moved into the cafeteria of West Jackson Intermediate School in Hoschton, GA meeting every other Sunday evening.

In the process of looking for property and a building to call home the Director of the Mulberry Baptist Association, Jim Maston, suggested something unusual. Romans Road Baptist Church was an existing Jefferson church with property and a building but with no lead pastor. Jim suggested a partnership between our two churches. After much prayer and consideration members of Corner-Stone and Romans Road separately voted, both with near unanimity, to partner in ministry. During these beginning phases Preston and Robin were praying about joining Corner-Stone and eventually made the move to Jefferson in early 2006 – just in time for Corner-Stone’s first official morning worship service on March 5th in the cafeteria. Corner-Stone continued worshiping there for more than a year and a half.

In November of 2007 Corner-Stone made the move into their new and permanent location. A few months later Romans Road Baptist Church dissolved but only as a corporation. Some of its core members are now members of Corner-Stone’s family and integral to our growth and progress. 

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